Great Teachers are Lifelong Learners


Great teachers like you are also lifelong learners. You are continually looking to improve your skills and add new strategies to your toolkit.

At the MATSOL conference (only weeks away!), you can focus on skills and topics like these:

Reading, Writing and Literacy

  • College Ready Writing: Instruction for Long Term ELLs 6-12
  • Amplify, Not Simplify: Accelerating Access to Complex Texts
  • Adaptive Literacy Instruction for High School Newcomers and SLIFE
  • Pre-Reading Strategies to Support English Language Learners

Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation

  • “Wisdom in Wonder”: Socratic Seminar for SLIFE and Beginner ELs
  • Say What? Boosting Academic Talk in the EL Classroom
  • Learning Science through Speaking in the Secondary SEI Classroom.
  • Teaching Listening as a Language Skill: Latest Approaches and Strategies

Vocabulary and Grammar

  • Applying Best Practices: Grammar Instruction in a Foundational Composition Course
  • Building Bodies of Vocabulary Through Meaningful Interaction
  • Individualized Vocabulary Development through Independent Reading
  • Breaking It Down: Teaching Word Learning Strategies


Looking forward to seeing you May 28 in Framingham!